Photographer/ Artist of the Month - October: Geraldine Georges

Georges is a female artist from Belgium.
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Images in this post © 2006 Géraldine Georges - Tous droits réservés


In Austin

I am visiting my friend Vanessa Kessinger in Austin, TX for 12 days. In ten days, we have photographed two weddings, photographed each other in three days, hanged out with her beau, Josh and made a video.

Here's a photo by Nessa:

I photographed her as well. I will post them on here and flickr.

Here is the video* we collaborated :

*recommend to view in HD



more photos coming soon

More Photos from Spain

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Samuel Bayer

Samuel Bayer is another Major Influence for me as a photographer. He is the director of the new Nightmare on Elm Street movie.

I really want to see this. Notice how this not the usual teen horror flick - no T&A or tons of gore. The only thing I worry about, is that the first Nightmare was my favorite, it was really creepy.

Bayer made several amazing music videos in the 90s. He still makes videos for green day and other bands.

and one of my all time favorites:

Bullet with Butterfly Wings