Photographer of the Month: James Worrell

Photographer James Worrell has made an interesting video about his daily life as a studio photographer. Click here to view it.

Still taken from "Day In the Life" by James Worrell.

Hopefully one day, I will have a routine photography life again. To view more of Worrell's other videos or his fantastic photography work, visit his website.



Alma from Rodrigo Blaas on Vimeo.


I saw "Avatar" not too long ago. A lot of hype was developed around it. It started with good stuff i.e. James Cameron's first film since "Titanic" and how much money he spent making this with new special effect technology. Then the first trailer came and everyone was disappointed; so was I.

After seeing the film in IMAX 3-D, i was floored. The story-line is nothing new, but its presentation is. It's the reason to see movies in theaters. Any promotion made by this film either by trailer online, tv or poster does it no justice. You have sit and watch it in a movie theater yourself. Whether it's 2-D, 3-D or IMAX 3-D, you should go see this film.


Video of the Week: Merry Christmas

Sorry to be a corporate tool, but these vids are pretty funny. I love Lupe Fiasco and KRS-One (one of my favorite rappers of all time) rhymes. There should be more themed rapping like this. I also like the backward snowfall. I think they got that from Scorsese's "Bringing In the Dead." Nonetheless, it's a funny and a good holiday commercial.

I love how these puppets move so well and the classic rap video look of mirrored lights. Merry Christmas everyone and Happy New Year.


Video of the Week: Bat for Lashes

Amazing single shot video.

It's creepy, cool and makes the song more enjoyable. One of the best music videos i've seen in years.


This week ...

So I tweaked my website a little. I added an "about me" portion to my 'Info' page which links to my résumé. It quite brief (I don't know what to write about myself). Also I made the main photo a hyperlink to the 'Portfolio' page and added a Flickr Button within that page. This will do until for a complete re-haul of my page which I am still working on.

Photos currently working on....

Photo © 2009 Martin B. Cherry.

Some of my extremely talented friends from work performed in Nashville a couple of weeks back. I've taken some shots while out there. Here's one of all three. I will post more from this performance soon on my flickr.

Photo © 2009 Martin B. Cherry.

While visiting Shepherdstown, my friend Carol Ann wanted to take some headshots of her for her website. She is a self-defense instructor for women. This is just a sneak peak.


Ok Go Follow-up

Remember my Video of the Week two weeks ago. It's just a couple of posts below. Click here to see the video.

Here is the making of that video.

This was just as entertaining and funny as the video. The director is Tim Nackashi and his inspiration was American painter/ photographer Thomas Eakins.

Ok Go's new album will be released next month.

Phad Thai

Phad Thai at the Smiling Elephant restaurant

Photo © 2009 Martin B. Cherry


Video of the Week: Blu

Sorry for no other posts from this week. I went to see old friends in WV.

MUTO a wall-painted animation by BLU from blu on Vimeo.

This is an amazing video I found awhile back ago. The animated short was made on public walls in Buenos Aires and Baden. I never thought of animation on live streets using life-size paintings/ graffiti. This is amazing for the vision, dedication and determination for making such as daunting and tedious as this beautiful video.



Video of the Week: OK GO

You know these guys for making unusual youtube music videos. Here is the newest video, "WTF."

OK Go - WTF? from OK Go on Vimeo.

Like their other videos, OK GO take a simple theme and concept and push it extraordinarily. In this case, the trail effect; which is usually a cheesy setting in your video camera or computer editing software made famous in the Matrix movies. This video has put clever uses of the trail effect, such as, the changing background color. Overall, a really cool and fun video.



The feast: Turkey (sorry vegetarian friends), mashed potatoes, carrot soufflé, cranberry sauce, green beans, stuffing, rice, spicy cucumber, dinner rolls and a nice nutty salad. That is a knife slicing into the frame.

Most of the photos of thanksgiving was different family members holding Opie.

My brother, her dad

His wife, her mom

My sister

My mom

It was great and filling. Many thanks to my family.

all photos © 2009 Martin B. Cherry


Artist of the Month: November

Kris Kuksi is an American mid-western sculptor. He shows amazing details in his artwork. He has the style of Michelangelo with darker and contemporary flair. I would love to see his artwork in person.

Mouth of Hades

The Recreation



Video of the Week: Canon/ Nikon love/hate rap

Canon Boy meets Nikon Girl, Rap is Born

(via gizmodo)

Every Saturday, I'll post a "video of the week." It'll range from music videos and artistic work to informative and funny. I started to notice I've posting all this cool stuff on my facebook rather than my blog. Here's an effort to post my blog more and maybe gain more readers. I will post a photographer/ artist of November shortly.


Finally Austin

I posted the photos from Austin. Hope you like 'em. Also Happy Belated Thanksgiving.

photos by Martin B. Cherry © 2009.

To see more, check the flickr

Also introducing....

photo by Martin B. Cherry ©2009.

(pronounced Ya-el)

She is a friend I met while here in Nashville. She is fantastic model and pal.



Photo © 2009 Martin B. Cherry.

I am in the process of editing photos from Austin and working on my portfolio. Im considering moving my website to CarbonMade. I may like that format for my photography than the current application I use, iWeb.

I believe you can visit what I have done so far here.

If you can see it, please give me feedback. If I am not diggin' what carbonmade has to offer or its setup - I'll redesign my current website.


Spanish Fly and Austin Drive

BK Night
Photo ©2009 Martin B. Cherry.

I was going through my Spain photographs to find some baby photos to send to my friend, Petri. Then I realized, there were many more photos I wanted to post but forgot. Here are the "hidden tracks" of the España photo album .

Btw, the hyperlink goes to the whole album. I slightly reorganize the photos, so you have to look at the whole album again! If you just want to see the new stuff, just click to recent uploads.

Also here is a sneak peak* of my photos in Austin.

All photographs ©2009 Martin B. Cherry.

*low quality screen grabs


Photographer/ Artist of the Month - October: Geraldine Georges

Georges is a female artist from Belgium.
For more images click here

Images in this post © 2006 Géraldine Georges - Tous droits réservés


In Austin

I am visiting my friend Vanessa Kessinger in Austin, TX for 12 days. In ten days, we have photographed two weddings, photographed each other in three days, hanged out with her beau, Josh and made a video.

Here's a photo by Nessa:

I photographed her as well. I will post them on here and flickr.

Here is the video* we collaborated :

*recommend to view in HD



more photos coming soon

More Photos from Spain

Originally uploaded by Martin B. Cherry
Check them out

Samuel Bayer

Samuel Bayer is another Major Influence for me as a photographer. He is the director of the new Nightmare on Elm Street movie.

I really want to see this. Notice how this not the usual teen horror flick - no T&A or tons of gore. The only thing I worry about, is that the first Nightmare was my favorite, it was really creepy.

Bayer made several amazing music videos in the 90s. He still makes videos for green day and other bands.

and one of my all time favorites:

Bullet with Butterfly Wings


Say Whaaaaaaaaa!

Photo by Justin Quinell via Pinhole Photography

This is a six month long exposure by a pinhole camera! Those lines are from the sun from winter to summer solstices.

source: Gizmodo



I am reshuffling my posts a bit. I am moving my Spain "Pictures of the Day" to the month of July. I posted some photos if you scroll down past the post entry about Oliver Twist or click the July posts on your left.

I didn't want to have most of my POD (Picture of the Day) of July in August and always be behind from there on out. So I'll will also post more current and better timed POD and also post Spain's POD at the same time.

Get it? Got it?


Artist of the Month: July

Santiago Calatrava

Photo: NY Magazine

Santiago Calatrava was born in Valencia, Spain on July 28, 1951. He studied in Zurich, Switzerland at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH) in 1981.

Turning Torso in Malmo, Sweeden (2005). Photo: Wikipedia

Calatrava has received numerous recognitions. In 1990 he received the "Médaille d´Argent de la Recherche et de la Technique", Paris. In 1992 he received the prestigious Gold Medal from the Institution of Structural Engineers. In 1993, the Museum of Modern Art in New York held a major exhibition of his work called “Structure and Expression." In 1998 he was elected to become a member of "Les Arts et Lettres," in Paris. In 2004, he received the Gold Medal from the American Institute of Architects (AIA).

Photo © 2009 Martin B. Cherry

City of Arts and Sciences in Calatrava's hometown of Valencia.

In 2005, Calatrava was awarded the Eugene McDermott Award by the Council for the Arts of MIT. The Award is among the most esteemed arts awards in the US.


Back in the U.S.A.

I know I have been backed up on the Pics of the Day. I'll get back to it as well as my flickr photo album.

In the meantime... on my bus ride to Valencia, "Oliver Twist" was the on board movie. Directed by Roman Polanski in 2005. The movie was over-dubbed in spanish, so I watched it without sound. The cinematography/ visuals of this movie is stunning. I thought this movie was made in the late 70's because it had such a classic movie style. Every single frame of the film were gorgeous paintings or photographs.

I was in awe by the film. I really want to see it with sound now. If you have seen it and did not really dig it, try watching it without sound. You will see each shot better if that makes any sense. I kind of enjoy watching TV without sound sometimes because you can see the edits/ cuts and everything moves more slowly so you can appreciate each shot and the quality of making the movie, show or commercial.


Picture of the Day 7/18 - 7/20/9



An amazing view of the sea from a friends family condo.


Back in Lamanga. Showing a friend, the Nikon's sensor sensitivity at ISO 3200.

All images ©2009 Martin B. Cherry.

Picture of the Day 7/15 - 7/17/9


I really like this image. This will be on Flickr page soon.


A kid is fixing a A/C unit while a homeless man lays nearby, alive I think.


A gorgeous woman at a cafe/bar in Murcia. Ester, Bolivian native, and her equally attractive co-worker, Mery, made Kitch one of my favorite cafes. Also they had wifi and A/C, two other good reasons I came by for work.

All Content ©2009 Martin B. Cherry