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I won this Pomander through Franny's Blog. This is such an unique prize. Looks so cool with it's texture and pattern. It also smells great and can last forever.


Picture of the Day 5-26-9

My Bronco II was donated to a local Buddhist temple.

This was the first car I ever had. My mom bought it in 2003 from an old family friend in Nashville. Actually, I used to be picked up from elementary school in this car.

I needed the Bronco for college - it became more and more difficult to pick up photo supplies and find better photo locations when you're limited by walking distance. I drove to many National Parks in this and had a few adventures. The loudest engine and the A/C hardly worked. It felt like a tank driving this thing, especially in the snow when the four-wheel drive was activated.

In 2005 she died on me during my drive back from Nashville to Shepherdstown. I was two hours away until she died in Staunton, Va. After a month and a few hundred bucks, my family and I realized that the 103K miles Bronco was too unreliable to drive on long commutes and I began to drive this. Which is the complete opposite but serviceable despite it's silly name - Breeze. It was no Bronco deuce and no car shall ever be like it. If I had plenty of money to blow off, I would of converted it to a veggie oil car or put in a brand new engine so that she'll keep going.

She's in greener pastures and for a good cause.

Taken 3/24/9

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Picture of the Day 5-24-9 to 5-25-9

Happy Memorial Day

A C-130 plane flew very low above my brother's car during a Memorial day service at the military cemetery near my house. I shot this through my brother's sunroof of his car - I didn't focus in time obviously, but I liked the way this image turned out.


I went antique shopping at the State Fairgrounds and saw many cool old printmaking tools for sale. Like this set of lead blocks.

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Gerardo Nigenda
(via TIME.com)

A very interesting exhibition and articles in TIME and BBC (audio slideshow*) about blind photographers. Truly amazing; this gives me a whole new perspective in photography.

*recommend to listen

Picture of the Day 5-22-9 to 5-23-9


Hazy day.

My sister is also a goof.


Red velvet ice cream at Sip Cafe. It's as good as it looks.

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Picture of the Day 5-20-9 to 5-21-9


Trying on a shirt at Urban Outfitters. I thought the wall in the dressing room was a cool wallpaper, but the pattern was actually engraved into the wall.


Laundry HDR

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Published in Nashville

My freelance work for the Nashville Business Journal was recently published here and here.

I am pretty happy with photos they pick picked and enjoyed the articles and subject matter I was assigned. I hope to work with the NBJ again in the near future.

I would like to thank David Bailey of Hastings Architecture and Scott Takac, assistant managing editor of NBJ for the opportunity.


Picture of the Day 5-18-9 and 5-19-9


Maybe because of my last post but this interstate turn reminds me of Saturn's ring.


I'm a goof.

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Picture of the Day 5-13-9

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I found a photograph of myself in summer 2001 (actually -- it's a misprint, its 2002). This was after my freshman year of college. After seeing it again on my Myspace page, I realized I still have my old practice jersey from high school and I am living in the same house. So I recreated the shot. A lot has changed in my life since the photograph was taken, despite the lack of physical change ( I like to thank my parents' good genes). One, the old photo was film and then scanned in. I don't know why at such low resolution, but back then 100MB zip disk was HUGE. Now I back up my computer with a 650 HD and looking for more external hard drives in the terabytes. Now I have a nice DSLR and my color correction is a tad better - the older photo, my jersey is greenish blue.

Maybe I'll photograph myself seven years from now in 2016.


Picture of the Day 5-8-9 to 5-10-9

Sorry, I have been slacking at posting these photos - but I have been shooting a lot recently.

5-11: Happy Mothers Day

5-10: Party

A kid near a keg on the a porch of a beautiful night.

5-9: Trash

5-8: Bronco rear view

My mom recently decided to donate my old '89 Bronco II to a local Thai Buddhist Temple. I am gonna miss her.

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Artist of the Month

This is dedicated to non-photography artists. I believe you need to research the art of all disciplines to make yourself a better artist.

First artist is from the interactive web design/ animation world...


Hoogerugge is a digital Dutch artist who resides in Rotterdam, Netherlands.

Hoogerugge's animations* are weird, dark, disturbing and most of all - addictive and fun! Go to his website to see more animations, installations and video of his work .

*the hyperlink is a animated series call NAILS (2002-2006) each part has a interactive role with your cursor. Either clicking or moving it around hotspots. I recommend you to explore. Then, if you want, check out the Hotel series after.

picture of the Day 5-7-9

photo ©2009 Martin B. Cherry

boots, cigarette and a wet dog.

I went to a pool party with some talented musicians - Caitlin Rose and Johnny to name a few.


Picture of the Day 5-6-9

Remember this flower? It was a little bud for my photo of the day 4/26/9. Now it has blossomed, not fully I think. I wish I had the same late afternoon sun to light today, but the clouds and recent rain gave the flower more texture (not to mention it has completely transformed).

I am not sure what kind of flower this is, if you know, answer or comment. I've been exploring into starting a Flickr account. I'll post more flowers in the backyard photos. Plus more photos from other events in my life.

Also comment if you have questions on how these photos were taken or want tips or advice to take similar photographs. I would be happy to oblige.


Picture of the Day 5-4-9

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playing around with my new flash in combination with my window light. i need to find real, better models, rather than this jerk.


Picture of the Day 5-3-9

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Carnival photographs, like this one (spinning lights at night), are the most generic photos you can take, but the most fun to shoot and make great eye candy. I shot this freehand, I left my tripod in another car.


Photographer of the Month - May: Eolo Perfido

A new series I am starting with this blog. Nabil, I guess, was the first photographer of this series.

Elolo was the first photographer I bookmarked years ago. Since then, his career and work has blossomed. He worked for Gatorade, GQ and NY Times to name a few. He is originally from France but now resides in Italy. Enjoy.

Picture of the Day 5-1-9

Some dude at a art show/ concert


Picture of the Day 4-30-9

Photo ©2009 Martin B. Cherry

I discovered this carnival not too far from my house the other night, just as they were closing for the night. I am most definitely going to visit this carnival again next week.