Artist of the Month: November

Kris Kuksi is an American mid-western sculptor. He shows amazing details in his artwork. He has the style of Michelangelo with darker and contemporary flair. I would love to see his artwork in person.

Mouth of Hades

The Recreation



Video of the Week: Canon/ Nikon love/hate rap

Canon Boy meets Nikon Girl, Rap is Born

(via gizmodo)

Every Saturday, I'll post a "video of the week." It'll range from music videos and artistic work to informative and funny. I started to notice I've posting all this cool stuff on my facebook rather than my blog. Here's an effort to post my blog more and maybe gain more readers. I will post a photographer/ artist of November shortly.


Finally Austin

I posted the photos from Austin. Hope you like 'em. Also Happy Belated Thanksgiving.

photos by Martin B. Cherry © 2009.

To see more, check the flickr

Also introducing....

photo by Martin B. Cherry ©2009.

(pronounced Ya-el)

She is a friend I met while here in Nashville. She is fantastic model and pal.



Photo © 2009 Martin B. Cherry.

I am in the process of editing photos from Austin and working on my portfolio. Im considering moving my website to CarbonMade. I may like that format for my photography than the current application I use, iWeb.

I believe you can visit what I have done so far here.

If you can see it, please give me feedback. If I am not diggin' what carbonmade has to offer or its setup - I'll redesign my current website.


Spanish Fly and Austin Drive

BK Night
Photo ©2009 Martin B. Cherry.

I was going through my Spain photographs to find some baby photos to send to my friend, Petri. Then I realized, there were many more photos I wanted to post but forgot. Here are the "hidden tracks" of the EspaƱa photo album .

Btw, the hyperlink goes to the whole album. I slightly reorganize the photos, so you have to look at the whole album again! If you just want to see the new stuff, just click to recent uploads.

Also here is a sneak peak* of my photos in Austin.

All photographs ©2009 Martin B. Cherry.

*low quality screen grabs