News Photos of the Year

Here are links to top photos of the year.

Marooned flood victims looking to escape grab the side bars of a hovering Army helicopter which arrived to distribute food supplies in the Muzaffargarh district of Pakistan’s Punjab province August 7, 2010. Pakistanis desperate to get out of flooded villages threw themselves at helicopters on Saturday as more heavy rain was expected to intensify both suffering and anger with the government. The disaster killed more than 1,600 people and disrupted the lives of 12 million. REUTERS/Adrees Latif

Boston Globe - The Big Picture

Reuters (it's not news unless it's....)

New York Times

It's my favorite time of year to see the best photojournalism images all in one page. Some images are graphic.

playing with a new website/look

Here's a new look of my carbonmade website. Tell me what you think.


Recent Gig - NY Daily News

Last week, I shot for the New York Daily News. It was for a great story about a bill to support the medical bills of 9/11 responders, the Zadroga Bill. This is from the perspective a Tennessee woman who is slowly dying from her ailments received from working at ground zero after the terrorist attacks in New York City.

Read the article here.


More China Please

Here are more photos from China with more to come!!!

See my flickr for more.

Photo by Martin B. Cherry ©2010


Posted on Flickrrrr

I just posted some new pics on my Flickr. Check it.

photo ©2010 by Martin B. Cherry


I'm Back from China

I just got back from my China trip. Blogger was blocked in the mainland. Now it's catching up time in my first few weeks back in the States.

I will start off with a video I made of my journey to Hong Kong. Enjoy!

My first video posted online! More to come.... and photos too!


iPhone Pic

Photo ©2010 by Martin B. Cherry

Jason lives near the dry seafood markets in Sheung Wan, Hong Kong. When traveling the "Ding dings"or tram, you can tell you've made it to this part of town by the smell.


Hong Kong! (gong)

photo © 2010 by Martin B. Cherry.

I made it to Hong Kong Wednesday. I flew from Nashville to Hong Kong via Atlanta and Seoul. I was a long, tiring flight with my allergies acting up. I landed here safely and Jason has been a great host.

Here is a picture to start, but I have been taking tons! Also, I have been shooting video!



Kanye West posted this video on his blog awhile ago. I really like this video and song. It's a lot of fun and visually hypnotizing. Kanye was was so impressed by this video, he commissioned the director, Javier Longobardo, to direct the video "Street Lights".


Local Honey

Some of my photographs will be featured at Fall fashion show at Local Honey, a local retail store. I photographed for designers Jamie and The Jones.

Photo ©2010 Martin B. Cherry.

It was last second shoot. I was called to this shoot b/c the photographer bailed out last minute. The model, and my friend, thought of me and called me to do a very impromptu shoot.

It was a lot fun and hope to do this more in the future.

More pics on my flickr


Texas again

Earlier this summer, I flew down to Austin to see Nessa and Josh. We did a wedding together and traveled to Corpus Christi.

I also took some photos of her:

All images ©2010 Martin B. Cherry.


Madison Bluegrass

I stumbled upon a bluegrass festival not too far where I live earlier this summer. Instead of paying admission, they let me take photos for them. Here are a few of the images:

It was fun! I hope I can cover this event next year.

Images ©2010 Martin B. Cherry

Tokihiro Sato

Today at the Frist Center, I saw work from fantastic photographer/ sculptor, Tokihiro Sato. These images were created within the camera. He flashed lights into the camera during hours-long exposure, creating a Shinto-eque look.

(image by Tokihiro Sato from www.efimera.org)



photo by Martin B. Cherry ©2010

sorry for the delay. I have actually been busy with photo gigs and traveling. Here is a pic from one of my travels and a link to more photos on me flickr.


WV trip

I came back to Shepherdstown last weekend to review a few portfolio of graduating seniors at Shepherd University. I will feature some of the students on this blog soon. While up there, I forgot my camera at my friend's house!!!! So i have been shooting a bit with my holga. I found some old rolls i shot with last year.

here are some of the shots:

Parthenon - Nashville

Valencia Beach - Spain

Apple Tree - Shepherdstown

Gregory - Shepherdstown

Johanna - Shepherdstown

All Images © 2010 - Martin B. Cherry


Found Image

I have been watching the NCAA tourney these past few weeks. WVU has made it to the Elite Eight and faces a tough opponent, Kentucky, this weekend. One the star players for WVU is Da'Sean Butler, a senior power forward who has been the leader for the Mountaineers this season. I remember photographing him in his freshman year during the 2006-07 season for the Journal.

Image © 2006 Martin B. Cherry/ The Journal Newspaper.

Video of the Week: Scott Pilgrim vs The World

This is a trailer and not a complete video, but this looks really cool from you can see here:

Directed Edgar Wright of Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz fame.


what i'm working on...

Kimberly Quinn is a fantastic singer/songwriter in Nashville. Here are some of her headshots i did.

Images © 2010 Martin B. Cherry

Video of the Week: Pursuit of Happiness

New Video by Kid Cudi ft. Ratatat and MGMT; Directed by Megaforce

I couldn't find a way to embedded this video on here. All the youtube links have been disabled. So here is a link to the vid on here. Enjoy!


This Week ...

It's Spring Time finally!

Also....my friends, The Fox Hunt, performed in Nashville.

Images © 2010 Martin B. Cherry


video of the Week: Nuit Blanche

It's best to see in full screen, HD. Thanks Nessa for finding this.

Found Image

Here is a link to my photos of covering Obama on the campaign trail a week before being elected.

Image by Martin B. Cherry/ The Journal Newspaper 2008

I originally had these photos posted on my facebook, but i wasn't sure the legality of posting them on there and also, i didnt want anyone to take the images. So, i posted on my pseudo portfolio at carbonmade. Giving the copyright to my old newspaper.


New Stuff

Two weeks ago, a friend of mine performed at Mercy Lounge for his CD release show.

Images © 2010 Martin B. Cherry.

More photos posted on my Flickr.


Video of the Week: Coldest Winter

another video from Nabil.

Artist of the Month: February

Alexander McQueen (3/17/69 - 2/11/10) is a fantastic fashion designer who made the walkway his gallery. The Londoner won British Designer of the Year four times.

Despite his storied career, McQueen committed suicide this month.

Honestly, this artist became one of those not-knowing-until-they-pass-away cases. I have always been a fan a fashion and enjoyed how fashion designers keep pushing the limits. But I never got into it as so recognize each designer. When AMQ passed away, his work sample were published everywhere and I was really stunned to see how amazing his has been. These are a few examples of his work. I love the first image, looks like an illustration. Just looking at these images gives me an even higher respect for these designers.



French artist, Debombourg Baptist, used a simple, everyday office supply to make mural.


the result.....