Photographer of the Month: James Worrell

Photographer James Worrell has made an interesting video about his daily life as a studio photographer. Click here to view it.

Still taken from "Day In the Life" by James Worrell.

Hopefully one day, I will have a routine photography life again. To view more of Worrell's other videos or his fantastic photography work, visit his website.



Alma from Rodrigo Blaas on Vimeo.


I saw "Avatar" not too long ago. A lot of hype was developed around it. It started with good stuff i.e. James Cameron's first film since "Titanic" and how much money he spent making this with new special effect technology. Then the first trailer came and everyone was disappointed; so was I.

After seeing the film in IMAX 3-D, i was floored. The story-line is nothing new, but its presentation is. It's the reason to see movies in theaters. Any promotion made by this film either by trailer online, tv or poster does it no justice. You have sit and watch it in a movie theater yourself. Whether it's 2-D, 3-D or IMAX 3-D, you should go see this film.


Video of the Week: Merry Christmas

Sorry to be a corporate tool, but these vids are pretty funny. I love Lupe Fiasco and KRS-One (one of my favorite rappers of all time) rhymes. There should be more themed rapping like this. I also like the backward snowfall. I think they got that from Scorsese's "Bringing In the Dead." Nonetheless, it's a funny and a good holiday commercial.

I love how these puppets move so well and the classic rap video look of mirrored lights. Merry Christmas everyone and Happy New Year.


Video of the Week: Bat for Lashes

Amazing single shot video.

It's creepy, cool and makes the song more enjoyable. One of the best music videos i've seen in years.


This week ...

So I tweaked my website a little. I added an "about me" portion to my 'Info' page which links to my résumé. It quite brief (I don't know what to write about myself). Also I made the main photo a hyperlink to the 'Portfolio' page and added a Flickr Button within that page. This will do until for a complete re-haul of my page which I am still working on.

Photos currently working on....

Photo © 2009 Martin B. Cherry.

Some of my extremely talented friends from work performed in Nashville a couple of weeks back. I've taken some shots while out there. Here's one of all three. I will post more from this performance soon on my flickr.

Photo © 2009 Martin B. Cherry.

While visiting Shepherdstown, my friend Carol Ann wanted to take some headshots of her for her website. She is a self-defense instructor for women. This is just a sneak peak.


Ok Go Follow-up

Remember my Video of the Week two weeks ago. It's just a couple of posts below. Click here to see the video.

Here is the making of that video.

This was just as entertaining and funny as the video. The director is Tim Nackashi and his inspiration was American painter/ photographer Thomas Eakins.

Ok Go's new album will be released next month.

Phad Thai

Phad Thai at the Smiling Elephant restaurant

Photo © 2009 Martin B. Cherry


Video of the Week: Blu

Sorry for no other posts from this week. I went to see old friends in WV.

MUTO a wall-painted animation by BLU from blu on Vimeo.

This is an amazing video I found awhile back ago. The animated short was made on public walls in Buenos Aires and Baden. I never thought of animation on live streets using life-size paintings/ graffiti. This is amazing for the vision, dedication and determination for making such as daunting and tedious as this beautiful video.



Video of the Week: OK GO

You know these guys for making unusual youtube music videos. Here is the newest video, "WTF."

OK Go - WTF? from OK Go on Vimeo.

Like their other videos, OK GO take a simple theme and concept and push it extraordinarily. In this case, the trail effect; which is usually a cheesy setting in your video camera or computer editing software made famous in the Matrix movies. This video has put clever uses of the trail effect, such as, the changing background color. Overall, a really cool and fun video.



The feast: Turkey (sorry vegetarian friends), mashed potatoes, carrot soufflé, cranberry sauce, green beans, stuffing, rice, spicy cucumber, dinner rolls and a nice nutty salad. That is a knife slicing into the frame.

Most of the photos of thanksgiving was different family members holding Opie.

My brother, her dad

His wife, her mom

My sister

My mom

It was great and filling. Many thanks to my family.

all photos © 2009 Martin B. Cherry