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I have been watching the NCAA tourney these past few weeks. WVU has made it to the Elite Eight and faces a tough opponent, Kentucky, this weekend. One the star players for WVU is Da'Sean Butler, a senior power forward who has been the leader for the Mountaineers this season. I remember photographing him in his freshman year during the 2006-07 season for the Journal.

Image © 2006 Martin B. Cherry/ The Journal Newspaper.

Video of the Week: Scott Pilgrim vs The World

This is a trailer and not a complete video, but this looks really cool from you can see here:

Directed Edgar Wright of Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz fame.


what i'm working on...

Kimberly Quinn is a fantastic singer/songwriter in Nashville. Here are some of her headshots i did.

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Video of the Week: Pursuit of Happiness

New Video by Kid Cudi ft. Ratatat and MGMT; Directed by Megaforce

I couldn't find a way to embedded this video on here. All the youtube links have been disabled. So here is a link to the vid on here. Enjoy!


This Week ...

It's Spring Time finally!

Also....my friends, The Fox Hunt, performed in Nashville.

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video of the Week: Nuit Blanche

It's best to see in full screen, HD. Thanks Nessa for finding this.

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Here is a link to my photos of covering Obama on the campaign trail a week before being elected.

Image by Martin B. Cherry/ The Journal Newspaper 2008

I originally had these photos posted on my facebook, but i wasn't sure the legality of posting them on there and also, i didnt want anyone to take the images. So, i posted on my pseudo portfolio at carbonmade. Giving the copyright to my old newspaper.


New Stuff

Two weeks ago, a friend of mine performed at Mercy Lounge for his CD release show.

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More photos posted on my Flickr.