Artist of the Month: January

Sam Brown kicked off the new year with most of best music videos I've seen in awhile.

About "On to the Next One"

"...the idea is actually about a funeral for old imagery and ideas, hence all the gothic and oppressive stuff. I was also trying to contradict the excess of hip-hop videos by making something brutally simple and claustrophobic." (Rap Radar via Global Grind)

Other Videos include:

Foo Fighters, "Pretender" and The Hours "Love You More"


for realz this time.

Images © 2010 Martin B. Cherry.

More to come on flickr.

Video of the Week: The Grammy Noms

Here are the videos nominated for the Best Short Form Music Video.

'Mr. Hurricane' by Beast
Directed by Ben Steiger Levine

"Wrong" by Depeche Mode
Directed by Patrick Daughters
my personal favorite of the nominees

"Boom Boom Pow" by Black Eye Peas (winner)
Directed by Matthew Cullen and Mark Kudsi

"Her Morning Elegance" by Oren Lavie
Directed by Merav and Yuvai Nathan, Oren Lavie
you might remember this as a immensely popular meme

"Life in Technicolor II" by Coldplay
Dougal Wilson

My Picks

Directed by Keith Schofield

Pon de Floor by Major Lazer
Directed by Eric Wareheim
wild, crazy video... makes me :) everytime i watch it.

Let the Beat Build by Nyle
Directed by Chadd Harbold
coolest one-take, live recording vid

Day 'N Nite by Kid Cudi
Directed by So-Me

Welcome to Heartbreak by Kanye West
Directed by Nabil
I love the glitch effects, it goes with the song so well

Maledict Car by Jemapur
Directed by Kosai Sekine
Instrumental and most imaged-based, photography-like vid

I cannot claim that i've seen every music video in 2009, but these are my favorites.


Black Passport

A book trailer for war photographer Stanley Greene. Check it out. Heads up: it's pretty intense.

More info here.


Video of the Week: Paris Depth Field Test

The Seventh Movement series of time lapse photos taken with a Nikon D3 and Canon 5D in the city of Paris.

Paris Vol. 4 from The Seventh Movement on Vimeo.

Find more amazing time lapse video by The Seventh Movement, click here.



Some shots I did at the Smiling Elephant.

All Images © 2010 Martin B. Cherry.



Vanishing Point from Bonsajo on Vimeo.

Video by Takuya Hosogane. Created using After Effects and Cinema 4D.


Beard net

meet Nathan. He has to wear a hair net for his beard b/c his beard is too long.


Video of the Week: Moments

Radiolab presents: Moments by Will Hoffman. This films is a celebration of life that was inspired by David Eagleman's book, Sum.

Radiolab is one of the best shows on the radio. You can download the podcast or check your local NPR listings for broadcast times. It's a show dedicated to more science and theories than world news like most of NPR.


Found Image

Here is a photo of my dad in 2000. I was a senior at high school and it's one of my favorite photos I taken of my dad. It was taken with my old Minolta 35mm. After school, I would occasionally go up to his office and hang out.

His office had huge windows which overlooked the Ohio River. It really great view and a great place to shoot.

Image © 2010 Martin B. Cherry


Video of the Week: The Third & The Seventh

What makes this video by Alex Roman so amazing is that everything you will see in this video is fake. 100% CG! Using 3DS max, Vray, After Effects and Premiere.

Show this guy some respect and please watch this in full screen and in HD.

These stills taken from the the video - both fake.

Found Image

I go back to my external hard drives or even negatives and find old images that I have never edited or posted on this blog.


Image © 2010 Martin B. Cherry

I shot this in her play area last spring. 2 cute.



Finally! Nashville got some snowfall.

Not that much snow, but I'm not going to complain.

The creek at my house froze over the day before the snow.

Since the new year, temperatures here have been below 20 degrees with some harsh winds. Time for some espresso.

All images © 2010 Martin B. Cherry


Video of the Week: Jay-Z


This premiered on one of the New Year celebration networks. This video is sooo DOPE! I love how rappers are breaking the mold of rap videos. This is so visually amazing and I love this song as well. Watch it a few times and enjoy.

I don't know who directed this, but I have feeling it may be Mark Romanek.