Tell Tale Nights Album Art

Product shots of the new album of Tell-Tale Nights.  Images provided by yours truly!

Peep my flickr to see more shots from this shoot from earlier this year.

image from Tell-Tale Nights




Video of the Week: Alles Neu

by German rapper, Peter Fox.  I first saw this a few years back when Kanye West had an awesome blog.  It's an amazing video that is fun to watch. Enjoy.

Cool Photographer: Sebastian Mlynarski

Sebastian Mlynarski is an awesome photographer that caught my eye when I saw this album cover for Cold Cave's Cherish the Light Years.

This photograph (on right) of band member Jenifer Clavin is nearly perfect I believe.  The smoothness of the shades of gray throughout the photograph, but it has great contrast. Her eye is so well lit but has that great texture of the shadow from her knitted hood.  Very classical, dark and beautiful.  The flowers I think give it that classical painting look to the composition.

Mlynarski has many other great photos on his website.  Also check out his personal work. He has also done music videos which is a major plus in my book.

image from www.mlynarski.net


Clio Sylvia

My new niece.  She was born last Saturday.  This was shot the next day. Congratulations Mark, Emooke and Ophelia.

image ©2011 Martin B. Cherry


Beach Week 2011: Rehoboth Beach

I've been out.  My friends and I headed out to Rehoboth Beach, Delaware.  It was a really cool place.  We were a short walking distance from the beach, boardwalk, downtown and plenty of nice restaurants.  Thank you Jamie and Katie for setting this up for all of us.

image(s) ©2011 by Martin B. Cherry.