Last Doughboy

Frank Buckles, the last surviving World War I U.S. veteran, passed away last night. I had the privilege of photographing Mr. Buckles several times during my times at The Journal.

Buckles lived in a gorgeous home outside of Charles Town, WV. He was one of the most fascinating person I have ever photographed.

This is a shot when, then, Governor Joe Manchin honored Buckles at his home in 2007.


Tell Tale Nights

Photo ©2011 by Martin B. Cherry

I recently photographed nashville indie rock band Tale Tell Nights. We had a lot of fun shooting together at a small park in nashville. The location was perfect for the band. Tell Tale were awesome for bringing props, dressing well and knowing how to pose. They blended perfectly with Sunnyside, a 1852 restored house at the park.

More photos will be posted on my flickr this weekend.


New Video! Contra Dancing

New video project completed. I wanted to do a more journalistic style video; using ambient audio and music.

I shot this with my friend's sony HD handicam. Videography or video journalism has been a style I have been wanting to explore. I really enjoyed doing this. I cant wait to explore this more often. Next time, I'll use a DSLR ( more control, better color correction and overall quality) and have more quotes. I realize the challenge of finding good quotes, it's the foundation of a story.

I'll post more videos from china in it's same theme to music, but i will also post some raw videos from the trip and other mini vids using ambient audio.


Egypt Protest in Nashville

On Tuesday evening, about 100 people gathered in Nashville for a protest against Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak.

Protesters from various ages and backgrounds came together to join with the millions of protestors in Cairo, Egypt 6,000 miles away.

Update: On Friday, Hosni Mubarak
resigned as president and the Egyptian Military will assume power until democratic elections.

more photos are on my flickr.

photo ©2011 by Martin B. Cherry