Clouds Up

I love clouds and photographing them. I like the colors, textures and shape.; if/ when I get HD video capabilities, I will capture their movement.

Is that too lame? Despite my love, I think it's a lame subject matter to photograph.

While photographing the Madison Bowling sign in the previous post, I decided to go HDR on the pretty cloud up above. I photographed it freehand first, then photographed it as a HDR image using a tri-pod.

So I wonder... was this worth to HDR this? One of the two images above is HDR and the other is not, which one is HDR? and which one is better? (im asking you, the readers)

As I have been on my HDR spree, I don't want to take the time to take HDR images when I don't have to... it takes a lot of time, both in shooting and editing, to do one of these.

PS - what do you see in the cloud? a bird, face, whale or just floating water vapors clumped together in the atmosphere



Two more HDR images in Madison, a sub-city of Nashville. I grew up here. These photos are "a work in progress." I am not completely satisfied and will tinker with them. There are more images/ places of Madison I haven't edited or even shot.

I photographed this library shortly after registering to be a member. There, I checked out a CD by Feist, Devotchka and a book on interior photography. I wish the had the lights on in that front section, it would of completed that photo for me.



My sis told me about this place called Edgehill Village near Vandy. It's a cool little shopping district. The coolest thing about the place is that they have a Fat Straw. My first one ever after hearing so much about how good they were. I really enjoyed it. Hit the hyperlink if you don't know what I am talking about.

The horse head was found in an empty architect office. Or maybe it was some sort of mafia sign.


Nashville HDR

Driving home from downtown, I noticed this nice sunset. Seeing the sun on the buildings' back; it made a nice skyline. Also it present a nice opportunity to practice with HDR. I wanted to keep the sky's gradient from the deep blue to the subtle sunset orange, but also show the windows of the skyscrapers and the illuminated neon signs within the skyline. Then keeping all of that while showing the ripples in the Tennessee River.

Here's one of three angles i attempted. I am satisfied with the result. I will continue to practice this fascinating process. The image here is a little lo-res because for the web and I am still wary of image thieves. In the larger photo, you can read the signs on the lower brick buildings and even read some of the unlit signs.



Here is my first Photo to kick of the photo blog....

I wanted to make Nashville to look like a big town metro.


And so it begins...

Here is the first of, what i hope, of many blog entries.

This is what i plan to accomplish in my foray into blogdum:

*this is a photo blog
*my new work/photographs
*keep up with friends and colleagues
*exhibit other works by fellow artist who inspire me
*FEEDBACK - I(we) cant get better without it.

Next is to establish a terms on copyrights and all that jargon. also figuring out the schedule of blogging (weekly, semi daily, whenever i feels like)

please feel free on doing the commenting already.

i dunno about the name of the blog or this layout/ template. i like this one b/c it reminds me if pixels. so start doing your (i dunno who i am talking to) part and start the feedback. thank you