Texas again

Earlier this summer, I flew down to Austin to see Nessa and Josh. We did a wedding together and traveled to Corpus Christi.

I also took some photos of her:

All images ©2010 Martin B. Cherry.


Madison Bluegrass

I stumbled upon a bluegrass festival not too far where I live earlier this summer. Instead of paying admission, they let me take photos for them. Here are a few of the images:

It was fun! I hope I can cover this event next year.

Images ©2010 Martin B. Cherry

Tokihiro Sato

Today at the Frist Center, I saw work from fantastic photographer/ sculptor, Tokihiro Sato. These images were created within the camera. He flashed lights into the camera during hours-long exposure, creating a Shinto-eque look.

(image by Tokihiro Sato from www.efimera.org)