Video of the Week: Coldest Winter

another video from Nabil.

Artist of the Month: February

Alexander McQueen (3/17/69 - 2/11/10) is a fantastic fashion designer who made the walkway his gallery. The Londoner won British Designer of the Year four times.

Despite his storied career, McQueen committed suicide this month.

Honestly, this artist became one of those not-knowing-until-they-pass-away cases. I have always been a fan a fashion and enjoyed how fashion designers keep pushing the limits. But I never got into it as so recognize each designer. When AMQ passed away, his work sample were published everywhere and I was really stunned to see how amazing his has been. These are a few examples of his work. I love the first image, looks like an illustration. Just looking at these images gives me an even higher respect for these designers.



French artist, Debombourg Baptist, used a simple, everyday office supply to make mural.


the result.....



Video of the Week: TIMES by Isenseven

This makes me want to buy a dslr video camera NOW.

Isenseven - TIMES from Vincent Urban on Vimeo.

Shots filmed at New York, Berlin, Tokyo, Bejing, Portland, Munich and Barcelona to name a few.


Snowing Showing

Here are some more snow photos. I wanted these pictures to be a little more abstract snow photos.

All images © 2010 Martin B. Cherry.

Sorry for the lack of posts. I've been busy. The only down time I have currently is to just relax my mind. I will try to re-adjust my schedule for the upcoming spring so i can concentrate on this blog, my website and my photography work.


Video of the Week: Salade Tomates Oignons (Yuksek Remix)

Salad, Tomatoes, Onions

this might be a little NSFW (not safe for work)

Salade Tomates Oignons (Yuksek Remix) from Lionel Hirlé on Vimeo.


Last week's snow/ice storm in Nashville. These photos seem kinda mild compared to what happened in DC and the Mid-Atlantic Region this weekend.

All Images © 2010 Martin B. Cherry.


Both cool and cute

from Veasyble via Fubiz