Picture of the Day 6/25 - 6/27/9

I have been busty packing and traveling. I'm happy that I got some Opie time before I left for Spain.




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Go "Up"

Photo: Disney via Cinematical

I just watched Disney's Up. One of my favorites of the year by far. The main character and I share the love of both balloons and clouds.

I hope I can find someone to share adventures with me.


Business Cards

I made a new business card. I decided to have a full color biz card instead of the old B/W card. I still like the old one too. There are some changes do want make on both of them . If you guys have any suggestions please comment.

Old Version

On this one, I may want to have the same shadowy effect of the people on to my name. As if the light is piercing through my name. I have to change the font and size of the letters. I think it'll look cool if i figure out how to do it.

New Version

On this design. I want to fiddle with the white borders more. Maybe a gray for website and number? I really like this image and white side borders.

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Picture of the Day 6/15/9

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Playing with my wireless flash and using different backgrounds.


Photographer of the Month - June: Mr. Tolando

Mr. Toledano is a British born photographer who lives in NYC. He has done many fashion and editorial shoots for several publications. He also had some gallery showing of his art projects which I feel is some of stronger and personal work.

Picture of the Day 6/14/9

I saw Strobist showed some tips on how to make drop photographs. My friend, Jeremy Blaine, also did it. So I decided to join in the fun.

I had few drawbacks though - I cannot find the connector for my tripod and I do not have a radio slave at the moment. So, as usual, I had to improvise. I had to go freehand (hold the camera myself) and tethered the flash next to the bowl using a towel as a reflector. I was in my shower using a semi leaky faucet as my water source. The white shower walls were nice because it bounced the light nicely.

I'm pretty happy with this result. The thick glass of the container made for these neat colors. I would like to experiment some more with different surfaces and liquids;hopefully I can use my tripod. It would make this exercise so much easier.


Picture of the Day 6/13/9

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Have I mentioned that I love clouds?

Nabil strikes again

Paranoid from kwest on Vimeo.

You might remember Nabil Elderkin from an earlier post. This is his latest video - Kanye West's "Paraniod," which is my favorite dance song on the album and maybe the year.


Picture of the Day 6/12/9

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Leaving the Basement around 1:30A.M. CST

Picture of the Day 6/8/9 - 6/11/9


The Basement




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Is this too nerdy of a look? Nice calf-high socks with shorts? What do you guys think?


Picture of the Day 6/6/9 - 6/7/9


On Sunday, I watch Gladiator then played ultimate frisbee in front of the Parthenon. I didn't realize the ancient Roman/ Greek coincidence until after work.


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I saw that my sister had an old nikon 35mm camera from her days in college. The camera had a 50mm 1.8 aperture lens which fit my Nikon D300. It's manuel focus but still fun to use.

My niece, Ophelia, wearing a new dress my mom had bought also trying on my mom's bracelet using my sister's lens.

Picture of the Day 6/3/9 - 6/5/9


So I received my 80-200 lens back from C.R.I.S.; it was badly damaged a few years ago. All better, I had to test it out. I headed to my back yard and look for the first thing I can photograph using it's distance: a bunny wabbit.


A very thin depth of field, complemented by a thin crop.


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Nessa first vid

My good friend and photographer Nessa K. made her first HD video using a Nikon D90.

Check her photography on the first hyperlink. She started an up and coming wedding photography business in Austin, TX. If you like her wedding stuff, her art is 10 times better.


picture of the Day 5-28-9 to 5-29-9


photo by Frances Gray


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Behind the scenes of the Mustache May shoot.


Mustache May

Photos by Hollis Bennett

Last Month was Mustache May. My co-workers convinced me to partake in the month-long celebration of growing a mustache through the month of May. Even though I started to join last week by simply shaving what I had grown in my beard down to a 'stache.

Last Friday, we had a photo shoot with Hollis Bennett displaying the mustaches in all their glory.