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Check out my good friend's photo blog, Visions in the Capital.  Lydia, who is a wonderful photographer herself, has nice posts that brings discussions about photographers, artists and DC life.  Click over to the site and follow!


New gig: Table 3

This was shot with my iPhone!!! I did use my DSLR for the actual shoot. The gig was for a local magazine Local Table. More to come after the shots go to print.  Also, check out Table 3.  

Image ©2012 by Martin B. Cherry


More Yoga

I photographed my friend Sarah again.  She wanted stuff for her business cards.  I volunteered to design them; since it's featuring my photos.  Designing these were very invigorating! I haven't really dived into post production photo process as much recently.   Most of my work have been in journalism recently.  I tend not to add colors, text or use many filters and other tools not allowed in the journalism world.  It was a lot of fun.  I still want to play with it more.  Here are some examples.  

Images © 2012 Martin B. Cherry


DC trip

For New Year's Day, I travelled up to Frederick, Md and D.C..  I stayed with my friends Nessa and her husband Josh.  Who just moved to the area from Austin.  Here's a little montage of my trip little over a month ago.

Images ©2012 Martin B. Cherry

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