Editorial Portrait Photography

photo by Richard Avedon

This is an article from an excellent WNYC radio show called On The Media. They do a great job covering the media and asking questions about media coverage and it's roles in society.

In this episode, they interview three controversial photographers: Platon, Jill Greenburg and Martin Schoeller.

take 15 minutes to listen
also here is an accompanied slideshow

This podcast probably may cause some political arguments, but what I get from this article was the artistic interpretations of these contemporary photographers. The three photographers mentioned all have very different styles and each have an editor to stand behind their work. Risky/ provocative art doesn't exist if we don't have curators and editors willing to show and defend these artist's work.

I do not considered these photos as "gotcha" journalism. Photographing people within 15-20 minutes can be frustrating, especially the hours of work you put in before and after the shoot. Making them relax or express a natural emotion is essentially what everyone want, including the photographer. Avedon and Platon would talk to their subjects, but others would like to go to other lengths to get the proper photograph that is ascetically pleasing and, in this case, would coincide with the featured article.

I really have great respect/ admiration for platon's work. I'll do a blog post on him soon.

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