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I have been watching the NCAA tourney these past few weeks. WVU has made it to the Elite Eight and faces a tough opponent, Kentucky, this weekend. One the star players for WVU is Da'Sean Butler, a senior power forward who has been the leader for the Mountaineers this season. I remember photographing him in his freshman year during the 2006-07 season for the Journal.

Image © 2006 Martin B. Cherry/ The Journal Newspaper.

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  1. Hey Martin,
    I'm finally sitting down to look at your work on a real computer as opposed to a Blackberry. I am in NYC right now, but will be back in Nashville tomorrow. I will show my husband your work and get his opinion. It would be very cool to work with you. When you have a moment, please forward the link to your friend's blog so I can see what you did for her wedding. Thanks so much.

    Patrice (Hard Rock cafe w/ Kimberly Quinn)