Back in the U.S.A.

I know I have been backed up on the Pics of the Day. I'll get back to it as well as my flickr photo album.

In the meantime... on my bus ride to Valencia, "Oliver Twist" was the on board movie. Directed by Roman Polanski in 2005. The movie was over-dubbed in spanish, so I watched it without sound. The cinematography/ visuals of this movie is stunning. I thought this movie was made in the late 70's because it had such a classic movie style. Every single frame of the film were gorgeous paintings or photographs.

I was in awe by the film. I really want to see it with sound now. If you have seen it and did not really dig it, try watching it without sound. You will see each shot better if that makes any sense. I kind of enjoy watching TV without sound sometimes because you can see the edits/ cuts and everything moves more slowly so you can appreciate each shot and the quality of making the movie, show or commercial.

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