Business Cards

I made a new business card. I decided to have a full color biz card instead of the old B/W card. I still like the old one too. There are some changes do want make on both of them . If you guys have any suggestions please comment.

Old Version

On this one, I may want to have the same shadowy effect of the people on to my name. As if the light is piercing through my name. I have to change the font and size of the letters. I think it'll look cool if i figure out how to do it.

New Version

On this design. I want to fiddle with the white borders more. Maybe a gray for website and number? I really like this image and white side borders.

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  1. I like it a lot. Very cool shot. I like the silhouette.

  2. On the original maybe add a drop shadow/different color to the text. Something to make it blend and not stick out so much. On the whole, I like them both, use BOTH, do not discontinue, rather use both of them.