Picture of the Day 6/14/9

I saw Strobist showed some tips on how to make drop photographs. My friend, Jeremy Blaine, also did it. So I decided to join in the fun.

I had few drawbacks though - I cannot find the connector for my tripod and I do not have a radio slave at the moment. So, as usual, I had to improvise. I had to go freehand (hold the camera myself) and tethered the flash next to the bowl using a towel as a reflector. I was in my shower using a semi leaky faucet as my water source. The white shower walls were nice because it bounced the light nicely.

I'm pretty happy with this result. The thick glass of the container made for these neat colors. I would like to experiment some more with different surfaces and liquids;hopefully I can use my tripod. It would make this exercise so much easier.


  1. I have your tripod connector! It's in a package sitting on my desk, waiting to be taken to the P.O.!

  2. awwwwwww.... i thought so. dang it. come up and drop it off