And so it begins...

Here is the first of, what i hope, of many blog entries.

This is what i plan to accomplish in my foray into blogdum:

*this is a photo blog
*my new work/photographs
*keep up with friends and colleagues
*exhibit other works by fellow artist who inspire me
*FEEDBACK - I(we) cant get better without it.

Next is to establish a terms on copyrights and all that jargon. also figuring out the schedule of blogging (weekly, semi daily, whenever i feels like)

please feel free on doing the commenting already.

i dunno about the name of the blog or this layout/ template. i like this one b/c it reminds me if pixels. so start doing your (i dunno who i am talking to) part and start the feedback. thank you


  1. Welcome to blogging! Now show me some art!!


  2. Very good !!!
    See photrom.fr
    leave your comment

  3. Nice blog, keep it up....:) lg