Two more HDR images in Madison, a sub-city of Nashville. I grew up here. These photos are "a work in progress." I am not completely satisfied and will tinker with them. There are more images/ places of Madison I haven't edited or even shot.

I photographed this library shortly after registering to be a member. There, I checked out a CD by Feist, Devotchka and a book on interior photography. I wish the had the lights on in that front section, it would of completed that photo for me.


  1. neon always works soooo well with hdr. that sign looks stellar.

    i wish i knew where a local library was. you've just inspired me to go find one and sign up. =)

    also, drive to austin soon, thanks.

  2. (In the library photo) are those star trails or planes in the sky?

  3. a single plane in the sky. i thought about shopping them off, but i liked the light trails and it also illustrates the multiple photographs used in this HDR process.