Picture of the Day 5-26-9

My Bronco II was donated to a local Buddhist temple.

This was the first car I ever had. My mom bought it in 2003 from an old family friend in Nashville. Actually, I used to be picked up from elementary school in this car.

I needed the Bronco for college - it became more and more difficult to pick up photo supplies and find better photo locations when you're limited by walking distance. I drove to many National Parks in this and had a few adventures. The loudest engine and the A/C hardly worked. It felt like a tank driving this thing, especially in the snow when the four-wheel drive was activated.

In 2005 she died on me during my drive back from Nashville to Shepherdstown. I was two hours away until she died in Staunton, Va. After a month and a few hundred bucks, my family and I realized that the 103K miles Bronco was too unreliable to drive on long commutes and I began to drive this. Which is the complete opposite but serviceable despite it's silly name - Breeze. It was no Bronco deuce and no car shall ever be like it. If I had plenty of money to blow off, I would of converted it to a veggie oil car or put in a brand new engine so that she'll keep going.

She's in greener pastures and for a good cause.

Taken 3/24/9

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