Picture of the Day 5-13-9

©2009 Martin B. Cherry

I found a photograph of myself in summer 2001 (actually -- it's a misprint, its 2002). This was after my freshman year of college. After seeing it again on my Myspace page, I realized I still have my old practice jersey from high school and I am living in the same house. So I recreated the shot. A lot has changed in my life since the photograph was taken, despite the lack of physical change ( I like to thank my parents' good genes). One, the old photo was film and then scanned in. I don't know why at such low resolution, but back then 100MB zip disk was HUGE. Now I back up my computer with a 650 HD and looking for more external hard drives in the terabytes. Now I have a nice DSLR and my color correction is a tad better - the older photo, my jersey is greenish blue.

Maybe I'll photograph myself seven years from now in 2016.

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