Picture of the Day 7/3 - 7/5/9


Hoops by the Mediterranean. I never had a view like this when I play.


A funny story with this:

I went to this restaurant for some cafe and toast. It was very hot so I wanted some iced coffee (cafe con leche y hielo). This was a Viennese Iced Mocha - something i usually get in the states at daily grind or starbucks. When the kid came out with the drink, it was this mega-dessert. Served in a milkshake glass with a ton of whipped cream (which i hate on my iced coffee) and chocolate bits on top. The waiter mistakenly handed it to another table which gardener a lot more attention from that table and other tables than i expected when i order this skyscraping drink. It was good but not what i was expecting for a late breakfast.


Amigos! (From Left)Petri, Melissa and Javy

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