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Wired via Strobist

This is basically was my set up to my senior show shoot. He also carries many of my philosophies on photography and shooting people. I would love to do this in Spain, the language barrier makes it complicated. I have been asking people for portraits - I do know to ask if i can take a photo. Further explanation will be difficult though.

The idea we both share: not to get hung up on gear and complicated lights. Simplicity is key.

The lighting scheme he is using is exactly what Richard Avedon used on his street shoots.

I promise to post more photos from Spain soon. I am just busy hanging out and taking photos. I don't really feel up to spend a few hours in front of my laptop, editing photos right now.

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  1. Love the lighting he uses. I almost never never use controlled lighting. I did some for school but I don't own any of my own strobes and of course the on camera flash is often-times useless. Do you have any strobes of your own? I think I would feel too weighed down if I used strobes for my strangers project. Its already hard to motivate myself some days with the heavy tripod.